Whenever we accept your ask for a Citi Flex Loan

Whenever we accept your ask for a Citi Flex Loan

Your loan will show up as being a brand new citi flex arrange on the next declaration being a deal published in your declaration for the complete number of the mortgage. You’ll find facts about your Citi Flex Loan, together with your initial and balance that is current at the time of the statement closing date) and necessary payment due each billing period (your Citi Flex Plan re re Payment Amount), under « Citi Flex Arrange details » in your declaration. The Citi Flex Arrange Payment Amount that you’re needed to spend each billing duration will show up on your declaration in the Minimum Payment Due.

The Citi Flex Arrange Payment Amount that you’re needed to pay each payment duration is roofed in your Minimum Payment Due, and it is due in the re re re payment deadline disclosed on your own declaration. For brand new Citi Flex Plans, very first Citi Flex Arrange Payment Amount will include major only, then from then on, the Citi Flex Arrange Payment Amount should include interest fees regarding the Citi Flex Plan balance for that billing period and also a portion associated with the major quantity.

No. You need to make only 1 minimal payment each thirty days on the account, including your Citi Flex Plan Payment Amount. Nevertheless, you might elect to spend a lot more than the necessary minimal Payment Due, and you will make payments that are additional your bank account whenever you want.

There isn’t any prepayment penalty to cover down a Citi Flex Plan balance early. You could spend down your Citi Flex Plan balance early whenever you want, but, re re payments manufactured in more than the Minimum Payment Due should be used first towards the stability in your account using the greatest APR, then to your stability utilizing the next highest APR, an such like. Because of this, so that you can pay down your Citi Flex Plan balance in full, you need to make a re re re payment that covers every one of the following quantities: the Minimum Payment Due for the payment duration, the entire level of any bank card balances with an APR higher than or add up to the APR for the Citi Flex Arrange together with staying stability on your own Citi Flex Arrange.

Yes. You can still avoid paying interest on purchases if you pay your Citi Flex Plan Payment Amount plus your statement balance (not including your Citi Flex Plan balance) in full by the payment due date shown on your statement each billing period when you have a Citi Flex Loan or Citi Flex Pay on your account. Remember that your statement stability include transfers of balance, for those who have any.

SIGNIFICANT NOTE. Should your Citi Flex Arrange APR is greater than the APR on another stability on the account, it is possible to still avoid paying rates of interest on acquisitions if you are paying your Citi Flex Arrange Payment along with your declaration balance ( perhaps maybe not as well as your Citi Flex Arrange stability) in complete because of the re re payment date that is due. Nonetheless, the total amount above your Minimum Payment Due will likely to be put on your Citi Flex Arrange stability before the other stability using the reduced APR. Because of this, in the next payment declaration, you might note that area of the other stability nevertheless stays due, and you’ll need certainly to hop over to this site spend that amount in the statement stability to prevent paying rates of interest on purchases within the next payment duration.

Unless you first pay the Citi Flex Plan balance in full if you have a balance with a promotional APR that is lower than your Citi Flex Plan APR, such as a balance transfer, you cannot pay off that other balance. As an example, if you need to spend off a stability transfer prior to the stability transfer marketing period expires, it is possible to just achieve this in the event that you first spend your Citi Flex Plan balance in complete, then pay your stability transfer in full, prior to the stability transfer marketing duration ends.

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