Science as a system of information. Criteria of scientific knowledge

Science as a system of information. Criteria of scientific knowledge

The idea of science. Science as an activity, a social institution as well as a method of knowledge

Science as a socio-cultural phenomenon is lastly formed in the initial half on the 19th century. in Europe, despite the fact that this method began in modern day times. Science – is the sphere of human activity, aimed at the production and theoretical systematization of trustworthy know-how concerning the organic, spiritual and social reality. This definition reflects the two most important traits of science – science as a specific style of cognitive activity and as its outcome. Also, the idea of science consist of the following. aspects: science as a precise activity, as a method of information, as a social institution, as a productive force, as a type of the graduate papers social consciousness.

Science as a method of expertise is characterized by the interrelation of all its elements, sturdy proof, basic experimental verifiability, reproducibility, validity of conclusions and universal significance.

Although the science is based on the ordinary expertise of it can be nevertheless several from it. If ordinary know-how is concerned only together with the world of every day experience and offers a person a smattering with the world (usually through sensory perception, science is beyond the scope of everyday human life, and is an try to sound theoretical comprehension with the vital characteristics of objects and phenomena purpose of scientific activity -. Give man objective systematic know-how concerning the world, to learn the objective causes and laws on the universe. For this reason online paper writing, a feature of scientific information is objective, that is mapping the phenomena and laws of reality as they exist outside and independently of the will, opinions, desires with the knowing topic.

Scientific know-how includes a number of certain attributes peculiar to him alone. Initially glance, it seems science is straight sprouting from the encounter of « common sense. » Historically, the first efforts of scientific thought arose on the basis of ordinary life observations or resolve sensible concerns. On the other hand, it should not be viewed as scientific knowledge is only a very simple extension of each day encounter or an sophisticated widespread sense. For starters, a special theoretical background is inherent in scientific understanding, allowing: 1) to give the knowledge of universal, fundamentally superior for the region of individual circumstances and events; 2) go beyond the narrowly sensible interest, aimed at solving specific, immediate troubles of life. The house is systematic, organization of scientific knowledge will not be only a perfect and elaborated scientific form, as a theory, however the earlier stages from the development of theoretical frameworks which include the issue and the hypothesis. Obtaining new understanding in the first measures is systemic, although the scientist can perform inside the beginning and not see some essential relationships.

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